Bridge Trade In Program (not currently active)

Thank you for participating! maybe we’ll do it again


Notice to previous buyers of kilooohm SiOnyx bridges, we have updates! As of now
While this is a little weird, we want to give back to the community and want you to have the best, you are the 3rd arm of this company! We do NOT expect you to buy a full price bridge just for these updates, but it takes actual matter (physical stuff) to make, not like software, so not free but discounted. If you ordered before Nov2 you are up to date and will ship soon.

1: The kiloohm MK2 bridge It is now evolved to MK2B, which now allows 2 points to mount the dovetail. This gets you 1″ more movement towards the eye, helps using a Wilcox L4 G24 arm or if your helmet is weird. And added points to tie USB cables.
2: The kiloohm MK1C bridge now has a cutout on the left side to accommodate the Wilcox L4 G24. Note eye is still not as close as the MK2B gets due to physical limitations.
3: The 1st gen kiloohm MK1, can get the update to MK1C or MK2B. Move your setup to stronger and stiffer carbon fiber polycarbonate, with free shoe.

If you want the updated bridge:
Step 1: Buy new bridge at full price at etsy, with a note stating you want to Trade In.
Step 2: I will provide return label.
Step 3: I ship new bridge to you.
Step 4: You get new bridge, You send old one back in the small box with return label I sent.
Step 5: I get old bridge back, and refund you 50% off new bridge minus $5 return shipping.
Offer good till Jan 6, 2021. Jan 1, 2021.

This may take a few weeks to ship, please do not ask when…It will when it is ready 1-2 weeks. USA only.

New MK2B
New MK1C

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