New 300mm mini-H quad is born!

Built this this weekend. This thing is a beast, flys great with a ton of power!

  • DIY carbon fiber frame, 12mm arms. HK-GT550 plates.
  • Silicone vibration isolation, Tarot 10mm donuts
  • Flytron 433Mhz LRS PPM
  • APM 2.6 w/Ublox
  • HMC5983 high precision magnetometer
  • 3DR power module
  • 20A Qbrain ESC w/ heatsink removed max draw 10A (lighter than 4 ESC’s)
  • DIY LC filter
  • 1W 1.3Ghz Video
  • PZ0420 600tvl camera
  • DIY circular antenna
  • 2300kv Sunnysky motors
  • 5×3 Gemfan props, can fit up to 7″
  • 3S 1800mah 25c Zippy
  • Kapton tape!



P1000779 (Large)

P1000778 (Large)

P1000777 (Large)

P1000776 (Large)

P1000775 (Large)


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