New easy to build from scrap 250mm Lexan mini H quad


I was gonna buy a Blackout Mini H, but didn’t want to part with $150 and the long wait. So I cut some scrap 1/4 Polycarbonate sheet (lexan) with a reciprocating Skill saw with fine tooth blade and in about 20 minutes I had a super strong quad frame. Its incredibly strong but you could make this frame out of aluminum, kydex, carbon fiber, wood or whatever. Its so simple and replacement parts are just minutes away. And it flys so solid and fast despite its pudgy 550g weight w/o battery, I get about 8 minutes on a 1800mah 3s pack. 690g with the pack.

tip: has 6×12 polycarbonate slabs and the Standoffs. And a few bolts and nuts from the hardware store. I threaded my spacers, but carr has threaded if you want or get these M3x35mm standoffs and this nylon bolt kit. Build cost is about $11.00 USD and 20 minutes of your time.

Printable Template:
(note: you don’t need to make it wide like I did, 55mm inner line is enough)
template2Acro Naze32
Sunnysky 2300kv
Open LRS
800mw 1.3ghz
iBcrazy Bluebeam Ultra
Qbrain 20Ax4
3s 1800mA Zippy 25c
5030 Props
P1000845 P1000846 P1000847 P1000844 P1000843


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