New products! and a upcoming teaser.

It’s been a while since I posted here. Here’s what we made these last few months, and a teaser of whats coming.

  1. IRmount MK1C, coming soon. Fits SiOnyx Aurora cameras. This is an updated re-release of the MK1 Kiloohm Adaptive Mount from 2019, but now with racing stripes and made of carbon fiber polycarb.

Pro’s for MK1C over MK2:
lighter, less mass
costs less
both optics are upside down so the HUD letters line up
can angle L/R a couple degrees extra

Con for MK1C over MK2:
both optics are upside down so it may rub your nose on the right, MK2 flips the right optic over away from nose
requires screw driver to adjust eye width, MK2 has thumb wheels
sits slightly lower overall, MK2 has optimized geometry for most helmets

2. IRmount XM. Pulsar AXION XM30S thermal mount, under bridge.
Etsy link

3. IRmount TM. A bridge mount for the AGM TM384 or TM160 thermal.
Etsy link
Youtube review

4. IRmount MK2. A bridge mount for the SiOnyx Aurora cameras. AKA bino or duals.
Etsy link
Youtube review

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