Repetier settings for DaVinci 1.0 3D printer

Here are my settings for Repetier 1.6.1. I have used these settings through all the versions over the past year on my DaVinci 1.0 3D printer. Repetier is a powerful aftermarket software used to control the printer. It voids the warranty and if used wrong could damage things. Use at your own risk!

With these settings it produces dimensional accurate ABS prints of a 10x10mm cube to within .01mm variation. I use ABS/Acetone slurry as a base because it always holds, but PEI sheet + 3M 468MP looks like what I am going to switch to for ease of use.

Example below:
Blue, green and black Hatchbox ABS 1.75mm $21-23 a kilogram, always prints well.
Magenta = Jet ABS 1.75mm $10-20 a kilogram, seems to print just as well. Also marketed as American Instrument and Distenex (PLA). But my spools all have stickers that say “Siridi (Wuhan)“.
DSC00161 (Medium) DSC00163 (Medium) DSC00165 (Medium) DSC00166 (Medium) DSC00171 (Medium)

16printersettings1 printersettings2 printersettings3 printersettings5

scripts skipped, no data to change

printersettings6 01

I use 100% fill if I need either strength or dimensional accuracy. Otherwise I have other settings down to 15% depending on what your model needs. Here I also have rectilinear selected, but honeycomb is also good. Adjust as needed.02

Sometimes I use brim if I am printing a tall model that needs more stick so it doesn’t fall over during printing. Brim can also prevent warping of a long object. I don’t use skirt.04support is selected here, but your model may not need it. The tanks in the pics above used support.

supportthese settings give good quality at a fair speed


same as above but scrolled down to reveal more settings05b

06 07 08 09.98 extrusion modifier might work better, do a test cube first. Temps are for Hatchbox and JET ABS, other ABS might need 10C cooler or hotter. I have used HIPS too at 220C.10 11 12 13

I think these are stock g-codes. I don’t remember ever editing them. But I may have… Whatever the case, it works.14 15

thanks to John Madden on youtube for providing a starting point for me over a year ago

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