New *made in China* 250mm quad frame unboxing

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I got this on eBay for $19.99 shipped. The frame doesn’t have a name and I just sort of stumbled upon it accidentally, and was cheap enough to take a chance. Its sold as: “Mini 4-Axis 250mm Carbon & Glass Fiber H Quadcopter Frame Kit NOT Old QAV250 CN” by seller danyehu2009. I have no bias here and don’t know the seller and bought this with my own money.

Anyway, it took 15 days to arrive which was pretty quick considering the slow boat from China to the USA.

Comes in a plain box. Weight of the frame built is 145g. They advertise 160g. Overall, pretty good for weight. I didn’t use their landing “rods”, so that’s where I lost the weight I guess. The pieces were cut out perfectly, they must have used a laser. The dimensions are sooo tight, but fits perfectly together. I just finger tightened everything for the pictures. I will be putting this together in a few days.

Some issues:
1- No directions, but its pretty simple.
2- It didn’t come with any stanchions for the controller board. But that’s okay.
3- They say “carbon and fiberglass” but I’m not sure, looks like regular black G10 to me.
4- The rubber shock absorbers are really hard to install without ripping them up.
5- Its actually a 280mm quad, not 250mm as advertised. But will fit 6″ props because of that.
6- I wish it had a name other than “NOT Old QAV250“. I think I’ll call it El-Camino Quad due to back end pickup style bed. 😉

Overall I am extremely pleased. It looks tough and is built perfectly. Very good value. I have seen these go for anywhere from $19-60 bux but I bet they are all the same.

P1010017 (Large)

Bolts are finger tight, which is why the arms are drooping.

P1010007 (Large) P1010008 (Large)P1010009 (Large)  P1010010 (Large)  P1010014 (Large)  P1010012 (Large)P1010013 (Large)P1010015 (Large)P1010016 (Large) P1010011 (Large) P1010018 (Large)





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