PTS MTEK Flux bump helmet review

Consider this review as a supplement to the Friday Night Lights review, it is very good.

I bought this PTS version of the MTEK Flux, a ballistic helmet that costs $1800. This PTS version is a near 1:1 airsoft clone made of non ballistic ABS plastic. What makes this helmet special is that it is very comfortable, the pads hug your head very well and the overall look and finish is great. And it cost me $150 to my door.

Highlights and lowlights: Like: I love the nape (neck strap), it is really slick to use. Like Fit and finish. Dislike: Side panels are a proprietary ARC slot called M-LOK (Magpul) thus limited accessories. Dislike small screws holding everything on.

Buuuut, there are 4 things wrong with it.

As of now I can’t fully recommend it. But damn would I like to as it is very well built, really nice. Get it if you don’t mind doing some work as the problems can be fixed in about an hour and are not too difficult. Here are the 4 major issues that the bog standard $45 Emerson helmet does just fine but looks a bit bobo.

  1. The shroud and side panels and nape sockets are held on with 3 to 4 1.5mm screws, this is unsat to the max. The original Flux had bonded panels. I ended up gluing mine on like the original. I used thin CA glue, you should use thick CA or epoxy or panel bond.
  2. The removable T nuts are fine, yet the sockets rotate. Terrible, took 10 minute to remove 1 screw. I added some Sugru moldable glue to fix them.
  3. The shroud will not accept the Norotos RHNO II or Cadex. It will not clip in fully, but partially. A poster on had a Wilcox L4 clone that did work on his. Makes some sense as it is Wilcox shroud PTS clone. Deal breaker or Dremel maker for most.
  4. The lanyard hooks do not fit in the shroud holes. Hence why I hooked mine to the rear on the right.

DIY upgrades below:

Full item list for all the gear above:

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