OK GO’s – I wont let you down, new video. Drone build breakdown.

Lots of people are asking how they made this video and what drone was used. Here is the video we are talking about today. It features some really nice and inventive shots using a large drone. Below I will break it down into the parts they used.


Here is the cart/drone stand they used.


Close up:


The drone is a DJI Spreading wings S1000 octocopter with 15″ props and the landing legs are removed. The camera is a unknown DSLR but probably a Canon 5D MKIII which was shot at half speed, 3.5K raw @ 15fps I think. The performance artists sang the song at half speed and the dancers did it in slow motion. The footage was then sped back up to 30fps in post. The gimbal is the real hero of this video, it was rock solid. Its a modified MoVI M5 or M10 (or HIFLY 5D) with its handles removed. I imagine they used DJI Lightbridge for the FPV Vtx, but don’t see any evidence of it.

So there ya, go. All off the shelf stuff. About $10,000 of gear bought off the shelf not including camera or lens. Read my book to learn how to build your own cinema drone from parts for 1/4 the price or a hobby drone for just a few hundred.


pic via: Damian Kulash  http://instagram.com/p/sY1QFWiSqg/?modal=true

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