New bones for my mini-H quad. Frame transplant.

I was pretty happy with my Lexan frame that I made, but its always nice to have new stuff to break. I spent $20 on eBay and in 15 days I got this new frame. It has no brand name or model number, so I just call it El-Camino Quad. Unboxing pics here.

The total build weight: 430g without battery, 560g with battery. I could drop some weight by reducing the wire lengths and using a smaller LC filter, mine is about 30g, and the Q-brain is heavier than the modern mini quad ESC’s out there now.


  • 280mm El-Camino Quad frame
  • Flytron 433Mhz LRS PPM
  • Acro Naze32
  • 20A Qbrain ESC w/ heatsink removed max draw 10A
  • DIY LC filter
  • 1W 1.3Ghz Video
  • PZ0420 600tvl camera
  • Ibcrazy 1.3Ghz circular antenna
  • 2300kv Sunnysky motors
  • 5×3 Maytech carbon props, can fit up to 6″
  • 3S 1800mAh 25C Zippy
  • Kapton tape!
P1010019 (Large)

Dirty old frame sitting on the new frame. Old was 250mm, new is 280mm.

P1010020 (Large)

Top clam shell popped off, very tightly packed in here.

P1010022 (Large)

Bones separated from the guts. Looks like an autopsy.

P1010023 (Large)

Initial layout.

P1010024 (Large)

I added some Moongel to the camera mount surface. To reduce vibration.

P1010025 (Large)

Zip tied up to camera plate.

P1010027 (Large)

Plate and camera fits perfectly.

P1010029 (Large)

Some extra parts from my shop I thought I might use. Only used the right angle SMA’s.

P1010031 (Large)

The frame didn’t come with stanchions. So I made some. I dremeled these longer Tarot stanchions into 1/3’rds.

P1010032 (Large)

Acro Naze32 mounted to the DIY stanchions. Wiring is lightweight Cat5.

P1010037 (Large)

Not a lot of motor protection with minimal frame overlap.

P1010033 (Large)


P1010034 (Large)

Overall I am really impressed with this frame.

P1010035 (Large)

El-Camino posing for the camera.

P1010038 (Large)

Center of gravity is 1/4″ to the rear, but with a gopro its dead center. Should fly pretty good!


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