Choosing a FPV LCD monitor

A single LCD screen can be your entire monitoring setup, or as a secondary monitor if you have friends with you. It gives them something to look at if you are wearing video goggles.

Beware though that so often with TV’s they have a “feature” that when static is on the screen it will cover it up by splashing the screen with blue so you don’t have to look at the horrible static, I guess the manufacturers think blue is better but when choosing a TV for FPV, choose one that does not “go to blue”. Static happens while flying and it’s the last thing you want is your display to go out to the blue screen of death. At least with a little static you can continue flying.

The Haire 7″ portable HDTV features good battery life and works well in open sunlight, and it doesn’t go blue on static. I got mine refurbished on eBay for about $40 and it works great. I have also heard good things about the Digital Prism and Phillips 7012 & 9012 for FPV use.

Your monitor doesn’t have to be just a 7” screen. Some guys use 50” LED HDTV’s in the back of their vans, sort of like a mobile command center. Really cool, however it would require you to own a van. Most everyone else opts out of the van and goes for the head mounted video goggles, of which I’ll discuss tomorrow.

P1000605 (Medium)

above: Haire 7″

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