FEMA threatens to arrest volunteer drone operators during Colorado flood relief

How does FEMA have the authority to ground these guys, or do they have the authority? Thanks Falcon UAV for trying.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) threatened to arrest anyone flying drones over the Colorado flood damage over the weekend, even those volunteering with the relief effort.

On Saturday, FEMA grounded Colorado company Falcon UAV — a drone manufacturer that had been helping local authorities map the disaster area in near-real time — and threatened to arrest anyone flying a drone over the disaster area, IEEE Spectrum reports.

Drone industry representatives, plagued by the negative stigma drones have earned from their service in war, have been eager to promote the non-lethal uses of unmanned aerial systems.

Falcon UAV had been volunteering its services with the Boulder County Emergency Operations Center’s (EOC) relief efforts for several days prior; the company’s drone, called the Falcon, uses GPS and cameras to create detailed maps of the ground it flies over.

Falcon UAV is cleared by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly in some parts of Colorado.


source: http://dailycaller.com/2013/09/16/fema-threatens-to-arrest-volunteer-drone-operators-during-colo-flood-relief/

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