Fully autonomous Ardupilot APM Flying Wing schematic

I’ve been working on this for some time now, I present the first schematic in a series that I have. This is Stage 3; a full on “drone” if you will. Using 3DRobotics Ardupilot APM 3.5/3.6 autopilot.

This setup is a high end FPV UAV Ritewing Zephyr II airframe, and for just over $1000 total will get you live video to about 5-7 miles range, 100 mph, 45 minutes run time, 30,000′ ceiling (restricted to 400′ by FAA). By upgrading the antennas will grant you 30-40 miles for another $100-200. Stay tuned.

Click for larger diagram





edited to add:

to reduce wiring:

from RCgroups: “Can you run PPM sum from your RX into the APM? If you can that’ll cut down the power wires and you’ll only need one signal wire. That’s how I’m running my APM in my X7”. –typicalaimster View Post



CHANGES REV 8/25/2013:
– removed PWM wiring, changed to PPMsum to reduce wiring
– removed 12v from minimOSD, replaced with 5V wire or you can solder pads due to OSD overheating
– moved minimOSD and telemetry power leads from APM to 5V rail due to APM fuse overload
CHANGES REV 9/02/2013:
– added airspeed sensor
– added Shireen telemetry amp
– swapped servo positions 1 left and 2 right, yours may be different


Thanks to the guys at diydrones.com, RCgroups.com for helping make this diagram better


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