Just built a new giant heavy lift Quadcopter

This beautiful beast just got put together this weekend. Features long range radio that can go miles, long run-time depending on what battery is used, water resistant, live two way telemetry, APM Arducopter autopilot. Heavy lifting too!

Would be great for farming surveys or filming. Flies really smooth with no vibration.

All up weight without batteries or cameras: 1191g (2.6lb). (Which is quite lightweight for a 650 class quad with 15″ props.)

Some flight time and lift capacity specs on various batteries:

  • 3s 5000mah lipo battery: 1540g auw. hover 20min, mixed 13min, add payload 80g (2.8oz)
  • 4s 3300mah lipo battery: 1522g auw. hover 17min, mixed 7min, add payload 1017g (2.2lb)
  • 4s 5000mah lipo battery: 1660g auw. hover 24min, mixed 11min, add payload 965g (2.1lb)
  • 4s 6600mah lipo batteries: 1854g auw. hover 27min, mixed 13min, add payload 887g (2lb)
  • 4s 10,000mah lipo batteries: 2129g auw. hover 33min, mixed 19min, add payload 585g (1.3lb)
  • 6s 6800mah lion batteries: 1792g auw. hover 39min, mixed 9min, add payload 3621g (8lb)
  • 6s 13600mah lion batteries: 2392g auw. hover 55min, mixed 16min, add payload 3021g (6.6lb)

As you can see, 6s lion batteries are really interesting 😉

P1000667 (Large)4s 6600mah setup with gopro

P1000670 (Large)

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