Planning for your plane or quad build

Before buying any products for your plane or quad, here are some things to think about. Ask yourself some questions and work out the answers by asking on forums or here


“What do I want to do?”Find the best hiking route to get to the summit of that mountain.


“What is the smallest and lightest camera that will accomplish your need?”- I just want some decent live video to locate trails up there


“How high is that Mountain?” – Its 10,000 feet high, lets design a system to get there…and back.


“How much battery capacity will I need for the journey?”My motor draws 10 amps at full throttle, so to fly for 1 hour, I will need a minimum of a 10,000mAh battery with a 1C or greater discharge rating.


“How far can I travel in 1 hour?” Depends on wing lift, prop efficiency and overall weight as well as the motor and battery size and how you fly it.

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