Helicopter: Align TREX 450 Pro V2 build plan!

This is a to-do list and build plan for the Trex 450 V2 flybarless helicopter, APM/FPV/sUAS build, so expect a lot more posts based on what you see below. I highly suggest you make your own plans like this, as it takes a lot off of your mind when its all layed out in digital…

The book “Drone University” is live!

Drone University is now on Amazon! it will be free this weekend and after that it’s $9.99 You can get it on your Kindle or Kindle app on your phone or ipad. Or use the http://www.amazon.com/CloudReader on your PC or Mac or Linux. Basically, it’s everywhere.  

Schematics and diagrams

Click picture to enlarge Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 stage 3 can also be used for helicopters. APM and servos are on separate power rails to prevent brownout from servo current. Multicopter UAS