new inexpensive $659 fully autonomous APM’ish quadcopter, meet 3DR IRIS

iris1“The new Iris from 3D Robotics is a compact, ready-to-fly, fully autonomous aerial vehicle designed specifically for the consumer market. Iris provides point-and-click mission planning with 127 configurable waypoints that can guide it from take-off to landing, all from your mobile device or computer. Sporting a stylish and sleek body that resists crash damage, Iris is designed with a wide angle between the front arms to provide a clear view for its on-board camera — an optional GoPro Hero 3 ® can be included with the package to capture your favorite moments from the most unique angles.” – 3DRobotics

Sounds amazing and only costs $659 pre-order. Thats in DJI Phantom price territory but this 3DR has full auto-piloting capability. WOW! but DJI comes with a radio…

*just add radio, but if you are reading this you probably already have one or several 🙂

Other things you might need to fly:

  1. extra batteries $35 ea
  2. GoPro $300-400
  3. handheld radio $70-500
  4. extra props….why do I keep breaking them, no skilz lol $4
  5. charger $30
  6. laptop to run ground control software, you got one laying around

source: 3DRobotics

edited to add:

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