FPV video frequency selection

Frequency choices for video:

900MHz – A nightmare in the city due to interference from civilization and cell phones. Not recommended. Not available in the Euro zone.

1.2GHz…Europe legal only, but a good choice if you can use it. An issue will be sourcing off the shelf antennas, not many exist and will probably have to be made in house. There are several tutorials online on antenna making.

1.3GHz (1258-1280MHz) – better than 900MHz, a nice quiet frequency for interference. Goes thru buildings and trees well. Don’t use a 2.4GHz RC radio due to harmonics without a 1.2GHz filter on the RC system. Requires an easy to get HAM license. Please visit the FCC’s Website for more information.

2.3GHz – Performs like 2.4GHz but without the interference from local WiFi.

2.4GHz – Lots of Wifi interference. Decent for mid-range flyers. 1-4 miles est.

5.0GHz and 5.8GHz good for high resolution images, but shorter ranges. Tiny electronics footprint, good for ultralight vehicles. Circular polarization antennas is a must to eliminate multi-path interference.


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