QGroundcontrol and PX4 is in, APM and Mission Planner is out?

3DRobotics which is famous for their “Diydrones” is changing hardware and user interface systems. They used to call their system Ardupilot and Arducopter and Ardurover, a short time ago they dropped all that for the name APM:Plane, APM:Copter and APM:Rover….well to confuse things further all new nomenclature is now old school. The new stuff is PX4 hardware based and QGroundcontrol is the new multi-platform interface, which looks pretty good. But I wish they could just stick with one overall brand name, yes by changing the names it does notify the public of new products but it also confuses and slows the market. Whatever happened to version numbers? EX: “3DRobotics V3” would be great.

edit: also I’m curious of the fate of the Arduino (APM) hardware and Mission Planner software. Its still good stuff, lets hope that support remains, but if its dead I would rather know sooner than later.

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