The perfect FPV UAV radio antenna tower?

Here is my latest ‘invention’ per say. Really all it consists of is a camera tripod and upside down inexpensive monopod from Amazon Prime. The monopod extends to 6 feet then add that to the height of your tripod. You can then have a super stable-collapsable-12-15′ high radio tower!

edit: if that monopod is out of stock there are several others that will work, they all appear to be clones and should work fine. Amazon monopods

The tricky bit is that I had to make a mount to join the two together. Its just a piece of steel that has one threaded 1/4-20 hole in the center. The tripod screws into one end and the monopod screws into the the other end. Here are some proper taps.

The constructed tower:

P1000602 (Medium)



P1000606 (Medium)


With 7″ monitor, video distribution block, battery, etc. A hose clamp and a L bracket holds it together on the monopod.

P1000603 (Medium)


2x2x3 L bracket, section of scrap aluminum









P1000730 (Large)

Velcro and Coroplast sun shield. (the Coroplast corrugated plastic was obtained from Office Depot, in the yard sign section….or use an old election sign)

P1000605 (Medium)


The interface. Just some washers and a piece of steel with a 1/4-20 threaded hole.

P1000614 (Medium)










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